Monday, September 3, 2012


Meow, Happy Monday KITTIES!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend! I know the Human is laboring over how to make me stop talking....a humongous undertaking, I assure you. but more on that at a future date.

right now it's time for giveaway announcements, and my Pet of the Month!

The winner of our Gerry Bartlett giveaway is: Ada Kringler!
Congrats! Watch for an email from The Human on claiming your prize!

and now to important business....

My guest tomorrow is the lovely and talented Rebecca Hale, author of the CATS AND CURIOS mystery series!  When Rebecca sent us this photo of her cat, Isabella, I not only fell in lurvve, I knew she HAD to be my September Pet of the Month. I mean...c'mon...look at her!

and Isabella would like y'all to know...yes, that is an alligator on the cover of Rebecca's latest book!  she's so nice I posted her twice.  MEOW!

Tune in tomrrow to read my interview as Rebecca Hale sits in my hotseat!


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  1. Look at those blue eyes! She's obviously a mix of Tabby,Siamese and ...? What a beauty!