Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Midnight Louie is BACK

Midnight Louie fans rejoice – it’s time for the “Alphabet Endgame’.

It’s the moment Midnight Louie fans have waited long and hard for!  The final volume in this long running saga debuts August 23. In Cat in an Alphabet Endgame, many questions will be answered and situations resolved, among them the ones Louis fans are most anxious over:  Who will Temple choose?

For those of you not in the know, Midnight Louie is Midnight Louie, PI, twenty (give or take a few pounds) of street smart jet black cat.  He is also the part-time narrator of thirty novels and the
full-time companion and protector of his “girl”, petite PR powerhouse and amateur detective, Miss Temple Barr.

Louie fans needn’t fret, though…he hasn’t’ even begun to use up any of his nine lives,at least not where his literary career is concerned.  The 26-letter title alphabet sequence is bracketed by a foundation novel, Cat in an Alphabet Soup, followed by Cat in an Aqua Storm etc.… to the closing volume, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. Naturally, a mere 26 letters is not enough to contain Midnight Louie and his life of crime-solving. Sue Grafton, eat your heart out. Midnight Louie is not hanging up his fedora!

Louie is no silent and “quietly domestic” feline. He is Sam Spade with hairballs: an intermittent narrator who’s a hard-boiled, hairy-chested, fully shived, streetwise sleuth with all Las Vegas as his turf. Midnight Louise, his daughter, is a kick-tail chip off the old block. Who better to prowl the mean streets in stealth than the two black cats who make up Midnight Investigations, Inc., and draw on a feral Vegas Cat Pack for backup?

Louie and his beloved Temple have encountered a slew of murderers over the years, and Louie has even busted into the local morgue a time or two.  The only flies in his Sin City ointment are Temple’s ex and current boyfriends. Max Kinsella is a magician and undercover agent. When “The Mystifying Max” eased out of the picture so Temple’s life was not endangered, she became intrigued by a hard-to-get, handsome new neighbor, radio talk  host and ex-priest Matt Devine. 

In Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. Our cast of four human crime solvers must not only stop a massive Las Vegas conspiracy involving international terrorism and the FBI, but feline sleuth Midnight Louie’s roommate, PR powerhouse Temple Barr, is contemplating marriage. Will syndicated radio counselor and ex-priest Matt Devine's inside track lose out to the return of that wily dark horse, magician Max Kinsella? The suspense is killing somebody.

Meanwhile, a Strip-wide resurgence the long-vanquished Las Vegas mob could have Temple in search of an undertaker rather than a Justice of the Peace. Luckily, Midnight Louie and the Las Vegas Cat Pack are planning their finest moments to bring down the baddies. But no one can help Temple find which direction her wayward heart must go.

And just who does ML collaborate with, you ask?  He presents for your consideration Carole Nelson Douglas’s biography:

From being a rare Midwestern finalist in a Vogue college writing contest won by Joan Didion and Jackie Kennedy, to being “first woman” in three positions and garnering 18 daily newspaper reporting awards, to writing sixty novels published by Ballantine, Bantam, S&S, Del Rey and Tor/Forge, Douglas has crossed genres under her own name to build a wide audience. She’s the first author to make a woman from the Holmes Canon a series protagonist. Her Irene Adler bowed to raves in Good Night, Mr. Holmes, a New York TimesNotable Book of the Year. She’s had bestselling mystery and high and urban fantasy titles on major lists, including USA Today, and nominations from the Agatha to the Nebula. Her fiction writing awards include RT Booklovers lifetime achievement awards in mystery-suspense, versatility, and as a pioneer of publishing.

But even Louie will let Carole have the last word about why she believes cats make the best detectives.

“When cats bond with people, the connection is more individually wired than with pack-based dogs. Dogs are our children. They must obey. Cats are our equals. We must earn a cat’s trust and love. And then the bond is sealed with Superglue”

ROCCO and feline Nick Charles couldn’t agree more!

And as for the burning question, at least in this writers mind, of who does Temple finally pick? You’ll have to read the book to find out? Like the gentleman he is, Midnight Louie will never tell. One thing is certain:  we haven't seen the last of Midnight Louie, not by a long shot!

Cat in an Alphabet Endgame is available now! Get your copy today!

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  1. My computer has been out and I nearly missed this! Cats are equals...that is an excellent analysis!
    Continued luck to you,Carole!