Monday, December 19, 2011

#3...ROCCO is grateful for...court TV?

No, not really.  I'm just funnin' ya :)

but i am grateful for the wide variety of shows available on regular networks and cable - they stimulate my creativity, meow!

and if they feature a cool cat as a character, all the better.  :)  LIke Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Some of Rocco's favorites: (current shows)

Castle (of course!)
The Big Bang Theory (You can see why Jim Parsons won that Emmy)
Rizzoli and Isles
How I Met My Mother
Gray's Anatomy
Private Practice

Some shows that are gone but not forgotten (thanks to cable!)
Everybody Loves Raymond
King of Queens
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Remington Steele
The aforementioned Sabrina the Teenaged Witch

and, everyone's favorite: DANCING WITH THE STARS!

Hey - think I could get on there!  I've got the moves......


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  1. I haven't watched any of these series till now, though have heard a lot about castle, gray's anatomy. Going to watch them for sure, thank yo ufor sharing this post