Friday, December 16, 2011

Things we are grateful for in 2011....the human's agent

2011 wasn't so bad, not really.  In lots of ways it was TONS better than 2010.
One of the major ways was the fact the HUMAN finally acquired an agent:  Josh Getzler.

As most writers know, it's not easy to get an agent! The HUMAN has had agents before, and unfortunately the relationships did not work out - but she really clicks with Josh.  As she puts it, even when she was sending him queries (and they were bountiful, from Feb 2010 up to the signing in June 2011) she had a good feeling about it - a feeling, we hope, will culminate in a sale!  But even without the sale, the HUMAN is thrilled to have him as her agent. He's funny, personable, and what's more, he gets her writing!  Plus, he gets MY writing - and that's saying a lot! (How many humans out there get a cat's writing - now really!)

And..he does great interviews, Meow.  So much so that the HUMAN will be doing a piece on him for her NIGHT OWL SUSPENSE column in April.  Many of you might not know, but Josh is primarily a thriller/suspense/cozy mystery/historical agent.  So for him to take on the HUMAN's urban fantasy - MEOW!

You can find out  more about Josh (and his agency) at

2012 is going to be a banner year for all of us - MEOW, I can feel it!  So, #5 on my listing of top five things I am grateful for in 2011:  The HUMAN's agent, Josh Getzler!

Look for the rest of my list next week, as I prepare for my BIG BLOGAVERSARY BLOWOUT!



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