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Toni, the HUMAN, here:
January 24, 2012….One year ago today, ROCCO started his infamous blog!  It started out a blog of random postings and observations on the part of this VERY opinionated tuxedo cat, and grew from just random postings into a site chock full of interviews (MaryJanice Davidson, Michelle Rowen, Heather Massey, Jill Myles, Josh Getzler, Kris Weber among notable others!) As well as a fund-raising venue for Nathan Fillion’s charity, KIDS NEED TO READ! 
Rocco has now expanded from being a premier interviewer into reviews for Night Owl Reviews, and is even dabbling in novel writing…but don’t worry! The blog is his first love, and there’s a lot more to come in the New Year with upcoming interviews from Victoria Laurie and Charlaine Harris, plus some returning favorites! (and more fundraisers for KNTR – of course!)
Unfortunately, time, space and schedules prevented some of Rocco’s past interviewees from contributing full guest posts; nonetheless, they all have something to say about the BIG R:

Congratulations to Rocco, my favorite blogging cat, on his blogaversary! Ordinarily my communication with the feline set is pretty limited--particularly since I tend to stop breathing in close proximity to cats! But Rocco has this way...or maybe it's the human attached. (Hmm...) In any event, Godspeed, good Rocco, and may the next year's blogging be successful and entertaining. And I hear there may even be some form of authorship in the coming year--quite a mystery...:)…Josh Getzler,HSG Literary Agency, (agent of THE HUMAN…and potential agent to ROCCO!)  http://s126640.gridserver.com/

We are deeply honored to be invited to Rocco's blogaversary celebration!  Unfortunately, we won't be able to participate, but please send our best wishes to our fantastic furry feline friend!...All the gang at Sci Fi Saturday Night! (ROCCO’s first radio interview!)


While I was a little annoyed to have to take time to write this out of the usual 18-hours of sleep a pug requires, I'm happy to do it for Rocco. He's not bad...for a cat. His blog is so much fun and full of amazing advice and articles for both writers and readers. I'm  impressed he's able to do it so well in between all the time he spends slinking, scratching, and doing whatever else cats do. I try not to pay them too much attention, but Rocco's blog has caught mine! So HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY Rocco, and here's to many more years of success as a blogger!!- Sampson (Owner of Kristen and Co-editor at Kristen Weber Editorial Services)
Sampson’s Owner, Kris Weber is a former editor at NAL and friend of “The Human”. She moved from East Coast to West and now operates her own editorial service, which can be found at: www.kristenweber.com
Top Ten Reasons Rocco Should Rule the World
1)      Rocco is a felinus fantasticus
2)      He loves science fiction (in fact, he can spell Kwisatz Haderach—with his tail!)
3)      He has the greatest ballie collection ever (He does, too! – the HUMAN)
4)      He oversees his domestic domain with an iron claw
5)      Rocco understands the importance of a good nap
6)      He invented the Internet
7)      He looks great in a tuxedo…even on Wednesday
8)      Rocco has a degree in political science *and* the art of sushi making, for the win
9)      He can leap down from the top of a couch in a single bound.
10)   His fur is oh so glossy and sleek - Heather Massey

(Heather Massey is a lifelong fan of science fiction romance, and also has the distinction of being ROCCO’s very first HOTSEAT interview! She searches for sci-fi romance adventures aboard her blog, The Galaxy Express.  She’s also an author: Her latest sci-fi romance is Queenie’s Brigade from Red Sage Publishing. To learn more about her published work, visit http://www.heathermassey.com/.)


"Big thanks to Rocco, a real cool cat for interviewing me in December. Hope you have a fur-tastic blogiversary! Sending you virtual catnip." – Michelle Rowen, bestselling author of Bitten and Smitten, Tall Dark and Fangsome, The Living in Eden Series, and the forthcoming Immortality Bites Mysteries from NAL, to name just a few!
Rocco: (blushes – can a tuxedo cat blush?  This one can)  PURR – AW, shucks, Michelle. I think you’re a cool cat too.
You can find Michelle (and all her fabulous books) at:

Tomorrow:  The Untamed and Unstoppable MaryJanice Davidson shares her EXCLUSIVE SPOILER from UNDEAD AND UNSTABLE right here! On my blog! ME-OW! This is something you won’t want to miss!


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