Monday, January 23, 2012

My Official Blogaversary Week!

Yes,'s finally here. Official Blogaversary Week. And you thought it would never come!

Tomorrow, some of my friends and past interviewees have arranged a day of tribute to me (blushes) so do stop by and check out their comments!

And on Wednesday, the queen of vampire chick-lit, MARY JANICE DAVIDSON, shares an EXCLUSIVE peek at some pages from the next BETSY novel, Undead and Unstable!  My blog is the ONLY place you'll get a look at these particualar pages before the book is released in June, so you wont' want to miss that! Plus two lucky readers will get a chance to win a book from MJ!

Next week: My store giveaway, and a post and giveaway by Sourcebooks author Ashlyn Chase!

Honest, folks, you don't want to miss a minute of ....BLOGAVERSARY!

AND NOW....A REPRINT OF MY VERY FIRST POSTING!  (WHAT A LONG WAY WE'VE COME, thanks to all my followers and the many authors and agents and editors who have also contributed to my blog....I love each and every one of you! MEOW!)

And lest I forget...the winner of Traci Hohenstein's giveaway is ChrisBails! Congrats, Chris - look for an email from Tracy with details of your win soon!

Originally posted 1/24/11 as FIRST POST:

Ah, good morning name is ROCCO, and I am the head cat/blogger here at the LoTempio household.

This blog's gonna be about cats, mainly...with some books thrown in. (My human made me promise that - i suppose this means I'll have to actually read HER books, too). Here I will post my catly views regarding life, love, mousing,and, yes...books.

What does a savvy cat like myself enjoy reading? Cozies, mostly. Mysteries. Books that feature animals prominently. Paranormals (I prefer mystery over romance, though. Two humans kissing - yecch!) I'll share my favorite books with you and take suggestions on new ones that anyone has to offer.

I'll also report on the comings and goings of my human, and my fellow cats here at Lotempio Manor - brother Maxx, and the two old ladies: Trixie (14) and LJ (10). Momma promised me I could have a calico chick one day - hope it's not when I'm too old to enjoy it, heh heh. My brother Maxx and I are both 2 1/2. Maxie will be 3 March 15, and my birthday is June 1.

Oh, and yes. My human wants me to mention her latest books, but my paws are tired right now. Not used to all this typing, heh heh.

We'll save that for the second post :)

Don't forget - come back tomorrow for my day of tribute and Wednesday: MJ Davidson is in the house! Meow!


  1. Big fan of Ashlyn's book. Love the Neighbors series, and can't wait for the spin-off series about Konrads brother.

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