Monday, April 9, 2012

The Human plays the "Lucky Seven"

Thanks for turning the blog over to me today, ROCCO!

Since my pal, the amazing author Ashyn Chase, tagged me on her blog, here's the excerpt from page 77 (starting at line 7) from RAVEN'S KISS:

The Professor nodded. “Indeed I do. You think Raven’s situation is a similar one?”

I took a step back. “Wait a minute. Problem with Merlin? Surely you don’t mean…”
“Oh, no!” Crystal’s laugh tittered out. Even the Professor’s lips curved upward. “Not Merlin the Magician. Lord, no! Merlin Fernbottom. He was an annoying little devil. I saw him every Thursday, in my attic, until Brammy here helped me and showed me how to deal with him.”

RAVEN'S KISS is the story of shapeshifter Raven Grace, made that way by a demon's bite. When she gets a lead on capturing the demon who turned her, it takes her into a phenomenon known as 'parallel time' and pairs her with a VERY HOT Scottish detective!

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Other News:

The winner of our Karen Duvall giveaway is chrisbails  Congratulations. Look for an email from Karen to claim your prize.

Later this week:   Where has all the comedy gone in mysteries, both in books and film! ROCCO's lament!


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  1. Toni, thanks for choosing me. Just picked up a couple of your books from Amazon. Have been seeing them posted on the sidebar. Picked up Ravens Quest and Ravens Kiss. We post a review on my page and also Amazon. Thanks again. Love this blog, one of my favs.