Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Okay, kitties, here it is....I've listened to all you DOG lovers and the HUMAN"s friend, Kristen Weber, generously volunteered her PUG, SAMPSON's time for an interview!

For those who do not know, Sampson is the beloved pug pet of former NAL and now freelance editor Kristen Weber!  I've listened to all of you who've said Dogs need equal time, so without any further ado!  Sampson Weber in my hotseat! Meow!

R:  Hello, Sampson
S: Rrf! Hello, Rocco!

R: Thanks for being here (gives catly yawn)
S:  My pleasure.

R: Tell us something about a day in the life of a pug!

S: Usually I'm pretty booked with sleeping, but I do take a few moments to patrol our house and make sure no one gets too close. I think you know what I'm talking about, mailman!

R: Your owner, Kristen Weber,was a former editor at NAL.  How does she compare freelancing to the daily 9-5 grind?

S: I used to have to wait for her to come home, but now I appreciate how close she is although she's always looking at that small gray machine. Treat consumption has gone up 52%.

R: What other breeds of dogs do you find attractive?

S: Nothing gets my tail wagging like a French bulldog. Ooh la la!

R: What is your favourite toy?

S: Right now my mom is investigating the mystery of where all my dad's socks are going, but I'll never tell. (Hint...look under the couch.)

R: What’s your favourite thing to do to annoy your owner?

S: If the one who controls the food bowl is reading and not paying
attention to me, I'll paw her until she looks up.

R:  How do you compare sunny California to your former home in New York?

S: While I miss the smells of a city street corner, the lack of rain in LA really works for me. Plus, I have dreams of being discovered as a pug plus sized model.

R: Give us, in one word, your opinion on:

S: Birds  "Challenge"
Mice    "Fast food"
Cats     "Pointless" (R: Oh, really????????)

R:  What is the one thing you like, if any, about cats?

S: I like their litterbox system. Sometimes it's just too much work to have to go outside all the time.

R:  Where can someone find out more about your human’s editing service?

S: Please visit our web site at www.kristenweber.com. You can also follow both of our adventures via twitter. Mom's user name is KristenWEditor.  

R:  What would our readers be surprised to know about you?

S: I once slept for 22 hours, but I also have a cameo in an essay my mom wrote about her first year of marriage in an anthology called Wedding Cake for Breakfast (Berkley, May 2012).

R: Any final words of wisdom for our readers?

S: Just when you think you'll never catch your tail, you might be surprised. With hard work, dreams can come true.

Well, thanks so much for being here today, Sampson!  Folks interested in keeping up with Sampson (and learning about his master's editing service) can do so at http://www.kristenweber.com/

coming up:  We revisit Charlaine Harris's post on the eve of the next Sookie Stackhouse release; Q&A with Gina Robinson and more; info on the upcoming CASTLE/KNTR fundraiser!

Stay cool!


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  1. What a great interview! No offense,I love my doggie and my doggies-past, but I was skeptical,(even though I know what a fine host Rocco is). I thoroughly enjoyed this with Sampson! I wish the Humans,Kristin and Toni, continued success!