Friday, February 14, 2014

It's SNOW good!

Meow folks, to those of you here on the East coast, are you as sick of this white stuff as the Human and I are?  Very inhibiting to say the least! The human's car has been under ice for over a week - we hope it warms up soon so she can get to the grocery store for my food, meow!

We have lots of author interviews coming up, however! 
Next week my guest is Victoria Hamilton; Feb. 25 we have a guest post scheduled from HP Mallory; and in March: Brenda Novak!  Meow!

Stay dry, kitties!  And a happy Valentine's day to all!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you Rocco, and hope you can stay dry too.

  2. OOPs, Didn't see this post! I have been sliding another kitty into the house...rthe last entry is still being a little difficult...GIRLS, huh,Rocco? The new boy is making friends with everyone else.
    I hope you kept candy out of your fur!