Sunday, June 1, 2014

They say it's my birthday!

Meow! June2 is my birthday! I am six years young, and the Human and I will be celebrating with a spot of catnip (well, catnip for me...sangria, perhaps for her????)  As she is working on both copyedits for our book, Meow if its Murder, as well as a new cozy (that features a cat but which,alas, is NOT me!)  our celebrating time will be short...but I do want to tell you, my loyal readers, of who's coming to the blog in June!

June 3 we welcome Nancy J.Cohen; June 9, Gretchen Archer; June 23 Jessie Crockett and, on June 27 (which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the debut of DARK SHADOWS) we welcome none other than Maggie Evans herself! yes, I interview Kathryn Leigh Scott about life after DS - the books she has written and her future projects!  Plus, you wont want to miss July - when our good friends Victoria Laurie and Carole Nelson Douglas return! It's going to be a great summer, kitties! the meantime....Happy Birthday to Me!