Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guest Post: Nutty the Maine Coon Cat from the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries

Today we have a special guest. Stan Connor from the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries....oh, wait! Stan can't make it????? But allis not lost. We have a substitute.../>
Hey all! Nutty here. I’m stepping in for my mom, Stan Connor, who was supposed to visit today. Unfortunately she’s a little tied up with some things going on around town, so I gladly volunteered. I’m a little worried about her these days, so maybe you all can help put my mind at ease./>

First of all, she’s spent the last two weeks planning, testing and finally baking a treat for….a groundhog. Yes, you heard me correctly. A groundhog. See, in Frog Ledge, they make a big to-do about Groundhog Day. They have a party on the green (which isn’t green, it’s white because it’s been snowing like crazy), and they invite a special groundhog to make the proclamation. Then they give this animal a gift, and my mom was picked to give the gift. So of course, she decided to do a treat because, well, that’s her thing. > But the party got derailed with all kinds of drama that I don’t know a lot about. I just know that Mom and that guy Jake that’s always over here with that goofy dog were both sad about something. So the mood’s been kind of blah. The treats have even been limited, because Mom’s been busy and not baking as much as she should be. I mean, to get any excitement at all I have to mess with the dogs. Scruffy is more fun because she falls for it every time. That big lug, Henry, just hangs around in his bed even when I’m giving it my best effort to rile him up. But none of that is what’s worrying me./>

See, I think Mom’s lost her mind. She’s running around talking about ghosts, for one thing. I’m not even sure where that came from. I hope they’re not in our house, at least. Ghosts kind of freak me out. And here’s the worst part—she’s planning a doggie wedding.> Yup, you heard me. A. Doggie. Wedding.> See what I mean? She’s lost it. She’s been working on this fancy cake (which isn’t all bad because I get to sample it) and cat treats she’s making for the feline guests (which I also get to sample). I don’t know why any felines would entertain this type of insanity, but perhaps this is their only chance to get Mom’s yummy food./>

These dogs she’s hitching are both rescues, like my pals, so I guess that’s cool. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why she’s spending all her time on this. Especially since it’s cutting into my own stash of treats./>

Anyway, I’m telling you all this so you can come by Frog Ledge and check things out for yourselves. The new book, The Icing on the Corpse, is out March 31 and you can get the skinny on everything I’m talking about. And if you happen to attend this crazy dog wedding, take pictures….I’m not going but I need to see what all the fuss is about!xo, Nutty/>

ROCCO: Thanks Nutty. Maybe next time your mom can host a CAT wedding. If only Princess Fuzzypants weren't taken......./>

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  1. Dear Rocco
    Sounds like good stuff. As always.
    I've linked this to FB
    We are FB buddies
    I don't tweet or have a blog
    libbydodd at comcast dot net

  2. She must be upset if you aren't getting your share of treats. grammyd01@comcast.net

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Nutty. I am a proud grandmother of a fur baby that has Maine Coon mixed with orange tabby. Ralphie Lee is a real handsome boy. robeader53@yahoo.com.

  4. I shared this on my FB page and twitter Love the series. servedogmom@yahoo.com

  5. I love Liz's books and want to read this one. Shared FB and Twitter and follow on both! Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  6. I want to discover just what a groundhog likes in a baked treat. This sounds like a fun book. I follow on facebook and twitter. Thanks for the contest.

  7. nice post so i am know with your introduction :)


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