Friday, October 28, 2016

ROCCO celebrates National Cat Day!

Everyone who knows me knows all about my cat, ROCCO, who is really the driving force behind this blog! Not only is ROCCO a premier interviewer of authors, but he's also the inspiration for the character of NICK in my Nick and Nora mystery series!

Many people have asked how I came to adopt ROCCO. Well, actually he wasn't my first choice LOL. I had rescued an orange and white tabby that I named Maxx from South Jersey, and at the time I also had my two "Old Ladies"  Trixie and Gata (since deceased).  Maxx used to chase them around the house, and I figured I'd better get him a playmate, so I looked on Pet Finder and I saw ROCCO's photo.

He looked to be such a feisty kitten, that I immediately bundled Maxx into his carrier and went down to the Clifton Animal Shelter to check him out!  (I wanted to be sure the two males got along). Well Maxx spent most of the time hiding underneath the table in the playroom, but ROCCO seemed so cute I figured what the heck, and  made plans to pick him up the following Saturday. Needless to say, when I brought him home on August 2, 2008 he was just two months old (and a lot tinier than he is now)  He waltzed out of the box, raised his paw to the other three cats - and immediately became the BOSS of our house (Or at least he thinks he is, LOL)

Now a hefty twenty plus pounds (mainly muscle - did I tell you he pulled my DVR out of the wall once?)  ROCCO is definitely a force in our family to be reckoned with!

CAT-ch ROCCO's author interviews here on his blog each  month! We have lots of prizes and giveaways!
and if you have a cat - please celebrate National Cat Day with them today. (ROCCO thinks I should have a brass band playing LOL)


PS: in honor of National Cat Day, please tell us about your rescue cat (or dog!)  we'll select two winners to win an autographed copy OF CLAWS FOR ALARM!

Cotopaxi is an adventure-wear company whose mission is to give back and do social good. For every sale made, a portion is donated to world poverty initiatives, and their travel backpacks help provide the most relief. This National Cat Day, they carried out their mission by raising awareness for local humane societies.


  1. Anna Belle and Molly are our two rescues. They were supposed to be foster cats, but you know how that goes. We've had them for four years now and can't imagine how we survived without them! Fortunately they're not into dismantling DVRs, but they both think they're the boss of the house, much like your ROCCO.

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  2. My rescue cat is named Ms. Mouser and she is 19 years old. She is my best friend and is such a loving cat. I treasure every day I have with her.

  3. I got my rescue cat from the Maine Coon Cat Rescue Group in Oakland, CA. He's a Maine Coon (or part Maine Coon) and his name is Bugsy. He's about 8-9 years old -- we've had him for 5 years now and he's a great cat.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  4. I have one rescue cat (or 3 depending on how you count). Her name is auto-kitty. She was found in the engine block of an automobile and put in the cat quarantine room at a shelter where I worked. I had to pet her every chance I got so she'd go up for adoption when she came out of quarantine. Someone at the shelter had already changed her info card from 'caution' to 'friendly' by the time she came up, but I decided not to take any chances, so Auto-kitty now lives with me.