Monday, January 31, 2011

This weather sucks and how was your weekend?

OY, more snow is predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday. Actually, around our area (NY/NJ) it might be more of an ICY mix which is no better. My human is already bemoaning waiting out in the freezing sleet for the bus to take her to her demanding job where she toils for eight sometimes nine or ten hours a day before returning to feed us!

Some excitement over the weekend when my human's DVR recorder shorted out - actually, it was my sister GATA's fault. She likes to sit her plump body on the DVR becasue it's warm and i imagine what she ate for lunch did not agree with her (else she was eating fuzzies off the rug again) because she threw up all over the DVR and shortly thereafter my human could not record...needless to say, thankfully the cable company was able to come out Sunday with a replacement, but we have all been forbidden to sit on the DVR under pane of death - although when the human's at work, the cats will play, right? Heh heh heh

I myself would never DREAM of sitting on the DVR (note from Maxx: You would too, Rocco. But you're too fat to jump up there) WHAT NERVE!

Anyhoo this inclement weather is excellent for reading and movie watching, so look for some cool posts on more books and my fave movies!

and now I have to go do commando duty on the DVR - I need the brownie points with MOM.


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