Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool Kitty FAX

Thought I'd start out your Tuesday by letting you humans in on some cool facts about us cats - some you may know, some you may not, so here goes:

Cool Fact #1: While a head butt for a human is our way of showing affection, we cool cats prefer to greet our compatriots ala Eskimo way: we rub noses. Some of us do engage in heavy licking. Be warned.

Cool Fact #2: Our chins secrete a hormone with a unique scent - so when we head butt you, we're actually MARKING you! Cool, huh! Kinda like "you're mine, paws off" thing.

Cool Fact #3: I want to quell those rumors, right now, about cats giving birth to hoards of kittens at a time. What do you think we are????? An average litter usually consists of two to five kittens, and remain with our mother for a full twelve weeks before we're thrust out on our own.

Cool Fact #4: Kittens need four meals a day as opposed to two for adults - however, we adult felines DO SO enjoy snacks!

Cool Fact #5: Cats and Kittens have distinctive meow's, which come as a result of our breed - we also have very distinctive moods: Hunger: meowing accompanied by dancing around human's feet until they either a) trip or b) get the hint and fill the foodbowl. Anger: Growling accompanied by tail lashing and flattening of ears. Happiness: Deep, rumbling purrs. LIke a locomotive. Or a food mixer. Or both.

Cool Fact#6: That phrase, "curiosity killed the cat" didn't just crop up out of thin air. We are an inquisitive lot. We love to squeeze into spaces humans think we can't possibly get into (just to show we can - we are cats, after all!) And we love the smell of freshly washed clothes in the morning! Some cats like the warmth and comfort of a DVR (ahem, GATA!) But woe to the cat who breaks it :)

Cool Fact #7: Dogs aren't the only ones who can come when called. Yes, kiddies, cats DO KNOW their names, and will, with proper training and reinforcement (like the aforementinoed SNACKS) come when called. Just dont' expect us to roll over or play dead anytime soon.

Cool Fact #8: It's easier to win the lottery than get a cat into a carrier for a trip to the vet!

Cool Fact #9: We love nice, snuggly places to call our own: a nice basket, a playhouse, a cozy blanket - we're waiting for MOM's first bestseller so we can get a jungle gym! Yah!

Cool Fact #10: Even though we're mostly fearless, there are some things that DO scare us: Loud noises, firealarms...and VERY LARGE DOGS.

Hope you've enjoyed this little listing! More to come during the week - but now it's time for my CAT NAP. YAWN!

Signing off,