Thursday, May 19, 2011

AAA the Weekend approaches!

and with it, lots of anticipation over next weeks posting: my interview with Strange Neighbors author Ashlyn Chase, plus updates on lots of things we've got going on....

and I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ is still going strong! 13 days left, so c'mon! Show your support for a great charity!

There is a confirmed release date for the new DARK SHADOWS MOVIE- May 11, 2012! Mark your calendars, DS fans! and my master will be releasing a YA novel with a tie-in to DS earlier that spring, so stay tuned!

And dont' forget our giveaway by author Traci Hohenstein! Win a copy of Burn Out! Details on our previous post!

So have a great weekend, kitties.....dont' do anything I wouldn't!

Sci Fi Blogging Cat

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