Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday - Day One of Rocco's Salute to...JANET EVANOVICH!

Happy Monday, kitties! Hope y'all had a nice Mother's Day. My master didnt' seem too appreciative of the mouse I left on her pillow - although once the screaming died down she did realize it was rubber....

Today begins my weeklong salute to one of my very favorite authors...JANET EVANOVICH! As you can tell, I've been boning up for my interview w/Janet later this week!

Thought I'd start out by giving you a brief history of Janet's writing career (and once again, info courtesy of my favorite source, Wikipedia):

Firstoff, Janet, like her character Stephanie Plum (and my Master!) is a real Jersey girl! Born in South River, NJ! Janet attended Douglass College and got a degree in art. She began writing novels after she married and had children, and after signing with a temp agency, sold her first novel - a category romance.

Janet wrote in that genre for several years, first in the Second Chance Love category under the pen name of Steffie Hall, and later for Bantam Loveswept under her own name. Working in this genre helped her learn to create likeable characters and dashing leading men - she also became known for the streak of humor that even today permeates her novels. During this time, she discovered she liked writing action scenes rather than straight romance.

And so was born....STEPHANIE PLUM.

Tomorrow - how the Plum series came to be!

and lest we forget - our KIDS NEED TO READ fundraiser continues all this month!

Until tomorrow

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