Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Welcome back, kitties, to the second installment of my salute to romantic suspense author JANET EVANOVICH! Another "Jersey Girl" like my Master! Wow!

As you can see from the photo, I've been busy reading Janet's Stephanie Plum series - Wow! Meow! And I know Master is eagerly looking forward to the movie starring Katherine Heigl (which, apparently, has been pushed up to 2012 - more on that later :)

Here's how Stephanie Plum was born -

After years of writing straight romance, Janet Evanovich decided she enjoyed writing the action scenes more than the racy ones and that her forte was romantic adventure novels. When her current editors weren't interested, she took some time off to formulate a plan for her future books. She knew one thing: her books would have a comedic element to them. She also decided to model her writing style after a tried and true formula: the TV sitcom. After watching the movie, MIDNIGHT RUN, Janet thought of a unique profession for her new character: Bounty hunter. To that end, she began researching what a bond enforcement agent did, as well as the City of Trenton, NJ, which would be the setting for her new series.

In 1994 the initial adventure of lingerie clerk turned bountyhunter Stephanie Plum , ONE FOR THE MONEY, debuted to very good reviews. In its initial weeks it was named a New York Times notable book, a PUblishers Weekly Best Book of 1994 and a USA Today Best Bet - quite an accomplishment! The sixth book in the series, HOT SIX, was the first of her novels to reach #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list! Subsequent Plum novels have debuted at #1 (as well they should, meow)

Stephanie, by JE's own admission, has many of the author's attributes (both have owned a hamster - ok, it's not a cat, but...) The character of Grandma Mazur is loosely based on relatives of JE's. A role model, perhaps? Hey, who wouldn't want a gun-toting granny!

Tomorrow...Stephanie arrives on the Silver Screen!

Meow, kitties. And don't forget, our KNTR fundraiser continues all this month!

Meowingly yours,



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