Tuesday, July 12, 2011


First, the Human wishes me to mention a lovely review for RAVEN'S KISS on BOOKS FOR LIFE. You can catch it here:


And secondly, I would like to wax eloquent on a favorite subject of mine: Animal shelters.

Are you looking to adopt a pet? Want to volunteer to help homeless animals in your community? Interested in becoming a foster pet parent? Need to report an animal you've lost or found, or contact an animal control officer about animal cruelty in your area? Your local shelter can help!
There are many good websites that can direct you to a shelter in your local area. Many even give helpful tips on dog or cat care! Here are just a few:




And Now, just a word about the shelter from whence I, and my sister Gata, came…the Clifton Animal Shelter!

Located right behind the town hall, the Clifton Animal Shelter (Friends of the Shelter in Clifton) is a clean, friendly environment that welcomes dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even a hamster or two! The volunteers there are all great, and they also have a foster pet program (I myself was fostered). Sister Gata stayed in the actual shelter before the human adopted her, and she was well taken care of!
All the volunteers are extremely fond of pet and gentle with them, so their experience is a good one. If you live in the Clifton, NJ area and are thinking of adopting a pet, do check them out!


Be sure and check back in tomorrow, when the Human’s agent, Josh Getzler, sits in the hot seat for my interview, heh heh heh.



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  1. Oh shoot, where did my comment go? I said congratulations and thought it was so great you gave a shout out to shelter pets.