Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmies, anyone!

Anyone who knows this cool cat knows I loves my awards shows...and last night I was in kitty heaven, watching the Emmies! (Of course none of my favorites won - except for Melissa McCarthy - and Julianna Marguiles - but i like watching it anyway heh heh )

Biggest upset, in my kitty opinion, was Kyle chandler's win for best actor in a drama, beating out Mad Men's Jon Hamm. (My personal favorite, Hugh Laurie, has been sadly neglected in this category for years.....)

If i were giving out the awards, meow, they would have been much different:

Best Actor Comedy - Nathan Filion, Castle (c'mon, the show has comedic elements)
Best Actress Comedy - Stana Katic, Castle (same reason as above)
Best comedy - the 6 o'clock news
Best Actor Drama - Hugh Laurie, house (People - the accent alone!)
Best Actress Drama - Julianna Marguiles (we lovey GOOD WIFE)
Best Drama - How I met your Mother (come on, the tension of wondering who Barney marries and who Ted finally hooks up with - better than a soap!)

I've posted some links below. Enjoy!
and Wednesday - JR Turner in my hotseat! MEOW!

For the real Emmy winners, click here:

And for the most important part - the lowdown on the fashion! (Loved Julianna's gown!)
click here:

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