Thursday, September 1, 2011


I throw my paws up in the air sometimes
So frustrated, so frustrated
My human just doesn't understand

I love Firefly and Browncoat Redemption

(And Nathan Fillion, but that goes without saying)
To distraction, to distraction
Sci Fi Blogging Cat that I am

Oh when will I see
a hint of the cat I'm meant to be
Once i have my own Browncoat, shiny and new

How cool will i look head to toe
In a Browncoat, my very own Browncoat
The envy of all the other kitties

Oh, and it would be so nice
to have one, just to have one
to rest my head on, to rest my paws on

And I would be so good :)

I throw my paws up in the air sometimes
so frustrated, so frustrated
The only thing that keeps me goin' is knowin'
a Browncoat must be in my future.

Sci Fi Blogging Cat

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