Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall, Fall...wonderful Fall

this Friday heralds the first day of of my favorite seasons! Fall also is the beginning of the Human's two week vacation, so, after my "hotseat" interview with JR Turner, we shall not be posting until the week of October 3!

But there is lots to think about.

the Human will report on her trip to Arizona, and hopefully get to meet with Denise Gary of KIDS NEED TO READ. We are in the midst of finalizing plans for another fundraiser.

Human's novel is out on sub, so there will be nail-biting as she finishes up more manuscripts (and hogs the computer)

I will be continuing my campaign for a BROWNCOAT, as well as my own laptop...well earned, I think.

I must be a good boy and not pull the DVR out of the wall again. :)

And...more hotseaters are in our future!
Michelle Rowen
Mary Janice Davidson
Jeaniene Frost

PLus some old favorites return to guest blog!

Yes, Fall promises to be very stay tuned.
Enjoy the interview with JR, and see you after vacation!


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