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As many of you know, I like to get my tail behind a good charity...and there's no better charity than KIDS NEED TO READ, which provides books to underfunded libraries and children who live in areas where they might not get their hands on good reading material otherwise.  Having just co-authored two mysteries, I know how important good writing is and how important it is to get quality stuff out there!  This charity was co-founded by PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and the star of ABC's CASTLE, Nathan Fillion, to do just that!

That's why this fan fiction interview today with RICHARD CASTLE is the kickoff for our KIDS NEED TO READ FUNDRAISER.  There are two auctions that are going to be put up shortly on Ebay - one is a basket of CASTLE goodies, and the other is a basket of books from many of your favorite authors (many autographed!). ALL proceeds from this endeavor will go to KIDS NEED TO READ.

So, who better to kick it off than Nathan Fillion's good friend, author RICHARD CASTLE!

Disclaimer:  This interview is totally fictitious and a product of my incredibly creative, feline mind!  ABC, the TV show CASTLE, and Nathan Fillion are, sadly, in no way connected or a part of the below interview. Their loss, meow.

I figure if I got Richard in my hotseat, the interview would go something like this:

R:  Meow, and hello Richard. Thanks for being here.
RC: You're welcome, Rocco.

R: I bet you've never been intereviewed by a cat before, correct?
RC:  I've been in a lot of strange situations but you're right. Never by a cat.  Or anything four-footed, for that matter. (Pauses)  That I can remember, anyway.

R: We're very pleased to have you, and to have your intereview kick off our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ.
RC:  I'm pleased to be involved.  Illiteracy is a big problem in our country so naturally, since I make my living from the written word, it's a source of concern. Any organization that encourages reading, particularly to kids in areas where they might not have a shot at quality material othewise, gets my vote and support.

R:  Thanks, Richard. And BTW:  What do you think of that tv series, CASTLE? Do you feel they've captured your essence?
RC:  Ooh, I like that word, essence. Listen, It's a great, tightly written series. I find myself getting a bit envious at times (grins).  As for the actors, they all do a fine job.  I wouldn't single one out in particular - no matter how hard you try to make me (bigger grin)

R: Let's get to it.  Now, Richard Edgar Castle is your pen name, correct?
RC:  Yes.  My birth name is Richard Alexander Rodgers, but I changed it as an homage to the late Edgar Allen Poe - one of my favorite authors.

R:  So what was the inspiration for your first novel?
RC: Believe it or not, when I was a child I spent most of my time with a nanny, since my mother was an actress - we spent many afternoons in front of the tv watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

R: Really? A soap opera?
RC: Hey, life's a soap opera, isn't it?  Besides, many good actors have come out of the soaps.  Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin, the late Christopher Reeve, jsut to name a few.

R:  Not to mention some guy named Nathan Fillion. Hey, I think he was on One Life to Live!
RC: (grins)

R:  You've been married twice.  Think you'd ever take that plunge again?
RC: That remains to be seen.   If the right person came along....(grins even wider)

R: You've referred to your first wife, Meredith, as a "deep fried twinkie".  Is that a Castle-ism?
RC:  Yep.  It means something you can view as a treat if taken on occasion - but a steady diet will KILL you.

R:   You also have a daughter, Alexis.
RC:  Yes,  she's just going off to college and she's also been working part time in the ME office. I'm very proud of her. Having contact with dead bodies just seems to run in our family.

R:  When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
RC:  From the time I was a child, actually.  I loved creating fantasy worlds - plus I spent many days in the New York Public Library.  I acquired an appreciation for the written word at a young age.

R:  What was your first novel?
RC:  A little ditty called IN A HAIL OF BULLETS.  I got almost two dozen rejections before someone finally took a chance on me. So before you ask if I have any advice for aspiring writers, I'm gonna say it now: NEVER SURRENDER, NEVER GIVE UP.  And you may quote me.

R:  Yeah, I think you stole that line from Star Trek. Spock, right?
RC: (grins) Star Trek? And here I thought it was FIREFLY.

R:  Moving on...What in your body of work are you proudest of?
RC:  That's daughter, Alexis.

R: OK, to be more specific...what in your body of WRITTEN work are you proudest of?
RC: OK, that's different. Hm.  Well, the series I'm most known for is the Derrick Storm series.  You know, Gathering Storm, Unholy Storm, Storm Season, etc.  But the work I'm proudest of would have to be my Nikki Heat series.

R:  NYPD Detective Kate Beckett is the inspiration for this series, right?
RC:  Much to her horror, yes.

R:  Isn't it true that you originally joined the NYPD as a consultant to do background research for the Nikki Heat novels?
RC:  Yes. It allowed me to participate  in the more "fun" aspects of detective work without having to worry about the more tedious aspects - you know, paperwork, getting shot at...that sort of thing.  But consultant status has its downside, too. I can't question witnesses in a professional capacity on my own, which really stinks sometimes.

R:  Do you think at some point you'd give up writing and concentrate on detective work?
RC: You mean like become a PI? I've thought about it, but...I don't know.  Maybe if I ever got writer's block on a consistent basis.

R:  What's been going on since we saw you last?  any hints you can share?
RC: Not really.  Suffice it to say I've been busy...working...and other things.

R:  What can you tell us about all this intrigue going on with Beckett?
RC:  Well, we've learned so far that Captain Montgomery was involved, and that he made a deal to keep Beckett safe. We've also seen that Beckett just won't let it go - or at least she felt that way up until a little while ago. But it might be too late now, even if she wants to stay out of it.  She might have pushed the envelope a bit too far.

R:  What do you mean by that?
RC: Ask me again in September.

R:  (mutters under breath) Cop-out, OK...What can you tell us about your  relationship with Beckett? How has it changed, if at all?
RC:  I think it would be relatively obvious there's been SOME change (grins). It's like any other relationship - there's give and take. At times we get on each other's nerves, but basically we ...interact very well together. (big grin)  Both on and off the job.

R:  Can you be a bit more specific?
RC:  No.

R:  The two of you underwent a lot of strain recently.
RC:  And like any storm, we weathered it....for now.

R:  AT least she's forgiven you for keeping the secret regarding her mother's murder.
RC:  She realized I was only trying to keep her safe - because I love her.  And she finally realized that I wasn't trying to impede her investigation - I was trying to keep her alive so that she could continue to do what she loves best - solve crimes.

R:  So, what's the deal now with you and Beckett?  Now that she's off the force, does that mean you're no longer a police consultant?
RC:  Kate's off the force????? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? I promise you one thing - it wont' be dull. Now, getting back to my books...

R: Yeah, let's. Like that male character in the Nikki Heat novels, Jameson Rook - is that suposed to be a play on words, you know - Rook...Castle....
RC: You know, for a cat you're pretty perceptive.

R: (swishes tail) I like to think so.  Where do you see the relationship between Rook and Heat going?
RC:  As always, they will be involved in each other's lives and cases.

R: How about on the personal side?
RC:  As in all relationships, they have their ups and downs.  Happy ever after is usually a death knell - a relationship has to have some spice. Besides, conflict is so cool to write!

R:  I thought for sure you were going to writing say  sex scenes is cool.
RC: (really, really big SE (that's shit-eating for you acronym haters) grin) That kinda goes without saying, right?

R: What's the latest Nikki Heat novel about?
RC:  Here's the official blurb:
The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a New York bondage club opens Nikki Heat’s most thrilling and dangerous case so far, pitting her against New York’s most vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad out to gun her down. And that is just the tip of an iceberg that leads to a dark conspiracy reaching all the way to the highest level of the NYPD.

But when she gets too close to the truth, Nikki finds herself disgraced, stripped of her badge, and out on her own as a target for killers, with nobody she can trust. Except maybe the one man in her life who’s not a cop: reporter Jameson Rook

R: Ooh, sounds exciting. And it's available...
RC:  At fine bookstores everywhere. And on Kindle and Nook, for all you techies out there.

R:  Thank you, Richard, for a great interview. We look forward to more Nikki Heat novels!
RC: Thank you, ROCCO.

R: Oh, more thing.
RC: One more thing? Who are you? Columbo?

R: (catly snarl) anyway...given recent events, where do you see your personal relationship with Beckett headed?
RC: Not to cop out, but...I'm gonna.  Ask me again in September. (big grin...and a wink! OH MY!)

And so, kitties...that's how it MIGHT have gone! What do you think?
Folks: Want to win a copy of Heat Rises? A Castle Script? autographed photo of Nathan Fillion? Castle DVD? $25 gift certificate to your choice of one of six different retailers?  or a basket of books by many of your favorite authors?

Visit our EBAY auctions!  We will provide the live links tomorrow, right here, same Castle-time, same Castle-channel! And don't forget...all proceeds go to KIDS NEED TO READ!

Next week, I've got Kitty Norville creator CARRIE VAUGHN in my hotseat!  MEEEOW!


Duh, OK - that's me as a kitten. I'm a FEW pounds lighter.....

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  1. Incredible interview Rocco. You get better info when two males have a talk. None of that crushing or swooning going on.
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