Monday, July 30, 2012

What a Week! Our Carrie Vaughn giveaway winner announced!

Meow, humans. Happy Monday - finally.  All last week the human's cable/computer/phone was out - four days of total and utter BOREDOM!

It's pathetic, really, how dependent we've become on stuff like this.  But finally, a competent cable person arrived to fix the problem - now the human's shower is on the fritz!

I tell you, if it's not one thing, it's another!

The Human did see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - and said it was a truly fabulous movie, despite all the negative hoopla surrounding it.  We shall have a more defiitive post later in the week.  For now, things are getting back to normal...and  my food bowl is filled.

Just the way I like it, meow!

Hang onto your necks, kitties, becasue next week, we have none other than Sarah Dearly, that gorgeous vampiress, in MY hotseat (along with her creater, the fabulously gorgeous Michelle Rowen!)  Sarah is here to celebrate her new pararnomal mystery novel, B LOOD BATH AND B EYOND, out August 7!

And the winner of our Carrie Vaughn giveaway is: Kimberly! She'll recieve a copy of KITTY STEALS THE SHOW (OUT TOMORROW!!!!)  as well as a CD from Carrie!  Watch for an email, Kim!

We also want to thank everyone who supported our KIDS NEED TO READ fundraiser - over $900 for this great charity!  Meow!  A special thanks to our winners:  the winner of our Castle Prize Pac, Angie Jelinek, and our Author Pac, Charles Andrulus!  Your support is much appreciated! the immortal words of Arnie Schwartzenegger....

I'll be back!

Incredible Blogging Cat

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