Friday, August 3, 2012

What's coming up!

Meow, kitties!

Just thought I'd give a foreshadowing of what you can expect in august/september/october here at MY blog!

Next week: Sarah Dearly, the Immortality Bites vamp herself, sits in my hotseat (courtesy of Michelle Rowen!)
Also on deck for the coming weeks:
Jon Gibbs
JR Turner
Carole Douglas (Yes, the creator of Midnight Louie herself!!!)
Gerry Bartlett
Rebecca Hale
Dakota Cassidy
Angie Fox
Penny Warner
Sheila Bonham
Nina Bangs
Vicki Lewis Thompson

and in November:  Janet Evanovich returns!

Is that a line up or what!!!!!

got to stretch my paws - have a purr-fect weekend!


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