Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forever Charmed....a post from Pluto!

Hey there Folks!

As it turns out, one of the characters in Rose Pressey's new series is - gasp - a cat! Yes, Pluto has done a guest post for us from her home in Enchantment Pointe.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did and check out Rose's new series, starting with book 1, FOREVER CHARMED!

And now...a post from Pluto!

Hey, Rocco! Thanks for inviting me on your blog.

Allow me to introduce myself to your guests. My name is Pluto. I am a proud feline with gorgeous shiny black fur. Yes, I'm modest. For many years I've called LaVeau Manor home. It's located in beautiful Enchantment Pointe.

But recently I've encountered a problem. The manor has a new owner. Her name is Halloween LaVeau. I ask you, what kind of name is that? Yes, my name is Pluto, but at least I'm not named after a spooky holiday. Anyway, I used to live here with my Nana. She was Halloween's great-aunt. But Nana went to heaven and left the place to Halloween. That's when the problems started.

Let me tell you, Rocco, this girl is a mess. Nana hand fed me. Halloween just sets the food dish on the floor and expects me to eat the stuff. Plus, she devours scrumptious-looking cupcakes and only gives me a nibble. I want the whole cupcake! Hand it over, woman!

But the worst part is her magic skills. They are atrocious and she needs help. Pronto. Not to mention two strangers have shown up and she hasn't been paying as much attention to me since. Rocco, you should come to Enchantment Pointe and help me out. We'd have fun and maybe straighten this girl out.

P.S. Bring those fish treats I like so much when you come.

Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau Series, Book 1) is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit Rose Pressey and sign up for her website at www.rosepressey.com

Thanks for a very charming post, Pluto! Meow! and a visit to Enchantment Pointe sounds great - I just have to talk the Human into fitting it into my busy schedule, meow!

About the series:

From bestselling author, Rose Pressey, comes Forever Charmed, the first book in an all new series!

Halloween LaVeau is descended from a long line of witches. Yes, her name is Halloween. The cosmic universe is definitely playing some kind of sick joke on her. She's the ultimate witch cliché, complete with a black cat and spooky house. Thank heavens she's missing the warts and flying broom.

When Halloween inherits her great-aunt's manor, she decides to put the house to good use as a bed-and-breakfast. Her first guest is the sinfully good-looking Nicolas Marcos, but he's not here for the continental breakfast. Halloween discovers a ratty old book in the attic. It's written in an unfamiliar language.

Halloween soon learns this is not an ordinary spellbook. The tome brings her a new talent, but her new skills come with a catch. When a rival witch comes after the book, Halloween doesn't know who to trust-the sexy vampire who says he wants to save the day, or the warlock who says he can destroy the book once and for all.

Books available by Rose Pressey:

Halloween LaVeau Series:
Book 1: Forever Charmed
Book 2: Charmed Again (coming May 27, 2013)

Larue Donavan Series:
Book 1: Me and My Ghoulfriends
Book 2: Ghouls Night Out
Book 3: The Ghoul Next Door

Rylie Cruz Series:
Book 1: How to Date a Werewolf
Book 2: How to Date a Vampire
Book 3: How to Date a Demon

Mystic Cafe Series:
Book 1: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells
Book 2: Pies and Potions

Veronica Mason Series:
Book 1: Rock 'n' Roll is Undead

Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery Series:
Book 1: Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel

Haunted Renovation Mystery Series:
Book 1: Flip That Haunted House
Book 2: The Haunted Fixer-Upper

Sign up to receive emails when new books are released: rosepressey.com/blog/contact-me/

Visit Rose's website at rosepressey.com
Follow Rose on Twitter at twitter.com/rosepressey
Join Rose on Facebook at facebook.com/rosepressey
Halloween soon learns this is not an ordinary spellbook. The tome brings her a new talent, but her new skills come with a catch. When a rival witch comes after the book, Halloween doesn't know who to trust-the sexy vampire who says he wants to save the day, or the warlock who says he can destroy the book once and for all.

About the author:
Rose Pressey is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. She enjoys writing quirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist. The paranormal has always captured her interest. The thought of finding answers to the unexplained fascinates her.
When she's not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature, she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles, reading, spending time with family, and listening to oldies from the fifties.
Rose lives in the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky with her husband, son and three sassy Chihuahuas.

Folks, Rose will be giving away an e-copy of FOREVER CHARMED to one lucky reader!
To enter, leave a comment on this blog post with your name and email address (entries without email will be disqualified). For extra entries, you can do any or all of the below:

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Coming in April:

April 9: Ashlyn Chase
April 16: Alexandra Ivy
April 30: Leann Sweeney

And in May:  Janet Chapman, "Mean Kitty" and Jodi, and Fern Michaels! MEOW!



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  3. Pluto, what a gorgeous kitty! (Oh, I mean ANOTHER gorgeous kitty,Rocco and Maxx!)I am sorry for your troubles, but I have to admit I'd love to find out more.I think we can all have hope that Halloween will get her act together.
    I hope you have a long run of many stories to tell.
    Tonette, friend and follower...will share on fb.

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