Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July and KNTR fundraiser teaser!

Happy July folks! Can you believe 2013 is half over already! Meow!

Just wanted to give you a little teaser of our "Firefly" goodies up for auction on Ebay starting July 15th.  The link to the auction will be posted on July 15, and on July 14 there will be a fanfiction intro to the auction by RICHARD CASTLE! (giving ME a chance to exercise my fiction chops, as I did last year, Meow!)

Here's a preview:

There is a mimeo autographed photo of Nathan as Captain Reynolds, Firefly script, Firefly DVD collection, Browncoat Redemption DVD, and a collection of four out of print SERENITY COMIC BOOKS!

We hope you will come out to bid and show your support for Nathan's charity, KIDS NEED TO READ!

Now, tomorrow, my guest over the long fourth of July weekend is none other than: MJ Holliday courtesy of her creator, Victoria Laurie.  Victoria also has a giveaway planned so you won't want to miss it!

the winner of our Juliet Blackwell giveaway is:  NIKKI! Watch for an email from the human!

in JULY:
July 9: Ellen Byerrum
July 14:  Fanfic Fundraiser Kickoff with Richard Castle
July 15: KNTR fundraiser!
July 29:  Kate Collins



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