Thursday, July 11, 2013

We welcome...Edie Ramer!

My guest today is author Edie Ramer!

Edie started her writing career selling short stories for mystery magazines and anthologies. She's published quite a few paranormal romances and even tiptoed into the sci fi romance genre. Now she writes contemporary romance with heart and attitude and magic.

 Edie's here to talk about her new series, which prominently features rescue animals!  (and you know I'm a sucker for a good cause!)'s Edie!

R: Welcome, Edie! Tell us a bit about your new series, Rescued Hearts!
Rocco, thank you for asking! I’ve got to say that both you and Maxx look very handsome. The Rescued Hearts books are contemporary romances and every story includes cats and/or dogs who are rescued – and often the humans need emotional rescues, too.
I’m a big proponent of giving back, and I’m donating $.25╚╝ from every HEARTS IN MOTION book sold to the Washington County Humane Society.

R: You mention the books feature rescue animals. Have you done work with shelters/rescued animals?
Not yet. All our pets have been rescued, and my cousin fosters Siamese cats. She gave me a lot of helpful information. When our remaining dog is gone, we plan on doing more traveling. Because of this, we won’t adopt another dog right away, and we plan to foster dogs instead.
R: What made you decide to do a series featuring rescue animals?
Cats have been a happy theme in many of my books, starting with CATTITUDE, which I published in 2012. I have cats in many of my stories. The novella MUST WORSHIP CATS, which introduced my Miracle Interrupted series, was told entirely in the cat’s point of view.
I love our cat and our dog, and it just adds a fun element to the book. Also, the way people react to animals tells a lot about them, too. Minnie, a Siamese (in honor of my cousin), has a point of view in HEARTS IN MOTION. I enjoy her scenes. She’s often talking to the other cats and dog, and they get to the truth of the matter. I love seeing through their eyes, at least how I imagine it. Some of the things humans do don’t make sense to them.

My cat owns me, not the other way around, but I love our dogs, too. (I’m still grieving the loss of our beagle last November.) I’m a sucker for covers with cats and dogs. When I decided to write this series, my husband and I were already talking about fostering dogs. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the POVs of dogs and cats in this series, and the rescue idea grew out of all of that.
R: What in your life inspired you to become a writer?
The short answer is my love of books and readings, and there was something inside me that wanted to do it.
R: You write both contemporary and paranormal. Which do you prefer and why?
Right now I prefer contemporary, but I’d still like to write stories from my Dead People and Dragon series. I wish there were more hours in the day. I want to do it all!
R: If you could be a supernatural creature, what would you be and why?
Tinkerbelle! I loved her as a child, and she still makes me smile.
R: What is the craziest thing you've ever done? 
Decided that I was going to be a writer.
R: What do you hope readers will most take away from your writing?
Hope and love and a really good feeling inside of them.
R: What’s a must have for you when you are writing? What aids the creative process?
Sometimes the best aid for my creative process is to walk away from the computer. That’s when the ideas flow.
I work best in quiet in my office on my computer that’s set up perfectly for me – but I’ve also sat in my car during lunch breaks at a former job and scribbled on notebooks. When I started writing, I typed my story on the kitchen table with my family at home, walking to the refrigerator during commercials and talking to me. Even now, my cat and dog are likely to interrupt the quiet of my office anytime. So I don’t think there are any must haves. I’m sure if I were a cave woman, I would draw my story on the cave walls – and there would be images of cats, dogs, and a couple making out. And one of the cats might be a handsome tuxedo cat...

Thanks Edie!
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  2. Rocco and Toni, thanks for having me at your blog today! It looks wonderful! And I decided to change my Superhero answer to The Flash. I can't get everything I want done with the day, and it would be great to be super speedy.

    1. Our pleasure. You are welcome anytime Edie, meow!

  3. Edie, I've fostered animals forever. It's such a rewarding feeling to take a neglected animal and show them loving hands and voice. Then to see them placed in a forever home. Nice post. I wish you the best on you series! And I love the Tinkerbell answer. Lol. Cyndi Faria

    1. Cyndi, it's very rewarding. You're a wonderful person!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win your book.

    1. Joan, my pleasure. Thank you for commenting!

  5. I love the idea behind your book, Edie. We rescued a dog 2007. Depending on the issues of the animal, it can be a long journey of patience and love. I tell people that my belief in the miracle of love extends to our dog. I'm hoping one day love will win out over her fear. Thank you for loving animals as you do. They need as many friends as they can get.

    1. June, I love your patience and your caring. You have a great heart. It's not always an easy road with them, but so worthwhile.

  6. I am glad you decided to be a writer! Your books sounds like a winner!

    1. Mary, you're a sweetheart! And right back at you!

  7. Oh, Edie, you r work sounds wonderful.I have all rescued pets myself and many of my fiends are active in rescue work on both coasts. That the people need rescuing, too, is an excellent premise for stories.
    Rocco, you found a nice lady for us here, huh?
    You know I am a follower,
    you know IO subscribe,
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    I will tweet
    I will post on FB
    And if I don't win, I will be looking for Edie's books anyway!

    1. Tonette, I bet you're a wonderful mom to your pets. Thanks and good luck!

  8. Hi Edie this one sounds great.
    I am a follower
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