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Rocco salutes...the original BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

ROCCO here!

Long before there was a Sarah Michelle Gellar, there was a Kristy Swanson - the original BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

the invention of visionary Joss Whedon, Buffy was created to be a kick ass heroine rather than a passive/aggressive one, a girl who could take a stake and shove it right through a vampire's heart without even blinking an eye!  Here's the synopsis of the movie that was the cornerstone for the ever popular cult TV series: (courtesy of  IMDB)

Buffy Summers has the perfect life: cheerleading, dating the captain of the basketball team, and copious amounts of time spent shopping with friends. Until one day she meets a mysterious man named Merrick who advises her of her true calling: She is the Slayer, the one woman chosen to defend mankind from vampires. . When Merrick first informs Buffy that she is the "chosen one," she thinks he's crazy, but then strange things begin to happen. First, Buffy's friend Cassandra and many other kids form her school turn up missing and are later found "dead" with bite marks on their necks. After many other strange ocurrences, Buffy comes to to horrifying truth that she is the "chosen one." She also finds solace with Pike, the town outcast. Together, they combat the forces of the old and powerful vampire, Lothos, who has his eyes set on Buffy.

Fun Facts: (Again, most courtesy of IMDB)

The cast of BUFFY not only featured Donald Sutherland as Merrick, but also Luke Perry as Pike and Hilary Swank and David Arquette in supporting roles.

Buffy's last name is never mentioned in the movie. Not until the release of the series was she referred to as Buffy Summers.
The original script by Joss Whedon was heavily re-written to make the film "lighter". In the original script, Buffy burns down the school gym that the dance is being held in, in an effort to destroy the vampires. In the television series (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) this fact is referred to several times, as the series is seen as a spin-off of the original, unproduced screenplay rather than this film.

Alyssa Milano was the first choice to play Buffy

Buffy was Hilary Swanks' debut film

Ricki Lake had a cameo in the film as a waitress.

The original script was later released in comic form.

Kinda makes you want to dig out your Buffy DVD's right?

Coming up....our EV ERY WITCH WAY BUT WICKED KICKOFF - interviews with all the authors and news on our favorite charity, KIDS NEED TO READ.  (More trivia: THE co-founder of KNTR, Nathan Fillion, appeared on the Buffy TV sereis as Caleb in Season Seven.)

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