Saturday, October 29, 2011

Setting the record straight...contest news!

Meow! I've had some people emailing us that there are already answers up....yeah, well, that's the idea! Do we know if they are correct?  Not yet.  So even though answers are already up, you should post your entries....becasue we are going to randomly select the three winners from ALL THE CORRECT ENTRIES SUBMITTED.

That means if we get twenty correct entries for Question 1, we randomly draw the winner from them.  Thirty from Question two, we draw the winner from that pool...and so on.  the three questions are a separate pool....they have to answer ALL correctly and then will be placed in a separate drawing, and ALL will get an autographed photo of ROCCO (if the answers are all correct!)

So, hope that clears everything up. Would not want to keep anyone from entering!~  MEOW, GET GOING. IT CLOSES MIDNIGHT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

We shall have our final posting on this fundraiser Monday, and then announce the contest winners....after that, I'm taking a little paws are SOOOOO tired!  but next week I will post my very favorite Halloween movie!  So stay tuned.....


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