Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The ART of the Game

Fooled ya! Thought there would be no post today, huh? No, I was just waiting for some very important email to come in....

As you know, My Master writes books, and nothing's more important for a book than its cover, right? (even tho you should not judge...but that's something else again). A very talented young man who works with My Master did the artwork for her SUPERHERO SISTER cover and my master would like to introduce you to .....(drumroll) JEFF TAORMINA!

Jeff is a DC fanatic and VERY TALENTED at drawing our DC friends, as evidenced by the samples posted here. He will most likely be doing more artwork for my master so let's all give him a round of ap-paws!
We're looking forward to more of Jeff's fabbo art - Master will be posting more on her website shortly!
Till tomorrow,

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  1. Oh cool! This is pretty special. Applause! (appaws?) ;-)