Friday, February 18, 2011


Every February, the big posh event in New York is the Westminster DOG Show, which my master has watched ever since she was unemployed in 1994 - but forgot all about this year (possibly because she had a superior species to occupy her time, heh heh). all this hoopla about DOGS got me to thinking:


Think about it - there are tons of dog shows, Animal Planet features them all the time. Where the heck are the CAT SHOWS????? They are out there, but few and far between. And the ones that are don't get half the press those other four-footed canines do.

Now why is that?

Could it be because DOGS are glory hounds, glory seekers who like to wallow in their own gratification, unlike us felines?
Or is it because we felines are too feisty and fussy to parade around before a group of judges?
Hey, we might not bark on command, but we can do lots of things! I myself like to play with my ballie, and I often annoy my Master early in the morning wanting her to play "fetch" with me.

Doglike? Not really. I jsut like to play with my balls. Take from that what you will.

In parting, I leave you with two examples of websites:
Here is the Westminster Dog Show Website:

And here is CAT Show USA site:

I rest my case...and my paws. Done a lot of typing this week, so I'll sign off now.

Don't forget to watch the OSCARS!


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