Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wanted to Share.....

My master received a four star review on MY SUPERHERO SISTER - Four Stars. Meow!

Just thought I'd share it below, mainly becasue I'm too lazy today to think of any topics of my own today...and also becasue I did promise her some promotion. She lets me use the computer, after all.

So, here's the review:

Review by: Tiger Holland on Feb. 07, 2011 : Holly Hamilton lives in Century City where her dad, Invincible Man, defends the good citizens against all evil--or at least he did until he lost most of his powers fighting against Anti-Hero. Now he leaves all the city-saving to Ellen, Holly's big sister, who flies about in a cape as the superhero Suprema. Holly is 100% human, like her mother, and she's going through an awkward phase complete with glasses and retainers. While Holly spends all her time collecting bugs, doing science experiments, and hanging out with her equally uncool friend Mona, she can never measure up to her super sister who's not only high-powered but also an academic whiz and a head cheerleader. But the presence of a new superhero in town begins to put Holly's sisterly jealousies on the back burner as she tries to figure out whether Magna Boy is a friend or foe.Holly has a pretty good family life--her mom adores her, her dad's a vet in his spare time, and her sister Ellen's not stuck up, she's just naturally good at everything. Holly's getting along fine in life until a new guy shows up at school. Well, actually, two new guys. Eddie McGee is a classic nerd archetype, but Holly's interest is drawn by another new guy, Tad, who's a classic hunk archetype. She develops an instant crush on Tad, but she knows that he's more in her sister's league. Holly's distressed that he'll never see past her exterior to give her a chance, though she's interested in him mainly for his exterior qualities. Still, this is a light, sweet story so nobody's really trying to objectify or use anybody else.When I started this book, I wondered if it would have a comedic or sarcastic slant to it, but the superhero tropes are played pretty straight from the 1960's and earlier comic book eras. The 80's comics started deconstructing heroes in stories with gritty settings and gray morality (Watchmen, most of Batman, etc), and even though heroes are getting rebooted and reconstructed these days, I think I usually expect a twist. If you like the classics heroes, villains, powers, and mysteries, then this story is a great example of how the original plot elements work. To me, the story is clean enough and sweet enough that it feels more like a Mid-Grade, and it'll be a good superhero adventure for younger teens and tweens.

Check it out on Amazon and Smashwords!

and now i must prepare a meaningful post for tomorrow.


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  1. YAY! Big congratulations to BOTH of you )I am sure you helped). Man, I wish I had time to get my books done.