Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, kitties, it's Meow Monday again! Time to catch up on all recent happenings....can you believe june is almost over! It's been a great month so far, although my human is still troubled with back issues - hope they get resolved soon. She's just started outlining the sequel to the novel her agent has, so I know what her summer will be, she's got to squeeze in the Wicca/Raven novellas amongst other things!

May saw the end of our first Kids Need to Read fundraiser, and it went so well that we've decided to have another in September - Literacy Month! So watch for news on that!

the Human is busy lining up some more interviews for yours truly - hopefully in the near future we will have authors Jill Myles and Jeaniene Frost! Wow!

and now, a bit about June...and Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.

As you know, there are literally thousands of kittens born every year, and not enough homes to go around. I give a big 'paws up' to the shelters around the country who take care of, nurture and feed these kittens and try to find them homes.

People - when you want to adopt a pet, be it cat, dog, rabbit or parrot (although we know what the premier choice is, right? RIGHT?) Consider adopting one from your local shelter. These animals are desperately in need of loving homes and honestly, you are doing a humane thing. consider adopting an older cat. kittens are cute (hell, I was adopted when I was 8 weeks old) but don't rule out older cats. In most cases, they're well trained, some are even declawed if that's important to you, and older cats make just as good companions as kittens - even better in some cases b ecasue kittens can be quite lively and a handful (as my human will tell you I was - and still am!)

Here are some great sites to check out:


for local New Jerseyites:


So get out there and check 'em out!

tomorrow: A replay of my interview with JANET EVANOVICH, IN honor of the release of SMOKIN' SEVENTEEN!


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