Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Hundredth Post!

Break out the drumroll.......this is my one hundredth post! MEEEEEOW!

Who would ever have thought a handsome tuxedo cat like myself could possibly have that much to say?

but apparently....I do :)

Since January I have tried to make my posts interesting, covering a wide variety of subjects, from writing (Master's forte) to pet news, to interiews, to Dark Shadows, Castle, Firefly and beyond! And I shall continue in the coming months to provide you all with interesting, diversified posts!

I would never want to be accused of being boring :)

So, in celebration of Post 100, here's a glimpse into the future:

Master will be posting more - on writing and such - for all our literary followers.
A rerun of my Janet Evanovich interview to celebrate the debut of SMOKIN' SEVENTEEN, next Tuesday!
Part 2 of my interview with STRANGE NEIGHBORS author Ashlyn Chase on August 1.
An interview with Master's agent, Josh Getzler, in July (yes, kitties...a real live agent! We did this for all you aspiring literary types who follow the blog!)
My salute to Adopt a Cat Shelter month will continue Monday....
And tomorrow...my interview with author Jeff Cohen!

Plus...another KNTR fundraiser in September!

Am I smokin' or what???????????

Au revoir


  1. Happy 100th post Rocco!

  2. Congrats on the 100th post! I love tuxedo kitties! I have one of my own at home that keeps me on my toes!