Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer's Here...So You Think You Can Dance????

Summer began officially Tuesday afternoon, the time of year my sibs and I like best - there are plenty of squirrels and birdies to watch and salivate over!

It's a good time for TV, too...even though DANCING WITH THE STARS has come to an end, my second favorite dance program is on...SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE???

And if you thought the last few seasons boasted spectacular dancers, oh my God!!!!! The ones this season make my little kitty heart flutter....I can't imagine who America will vote off, or who the judges will decide to keep.

Yes, kitties, they are all THAT good!

Standouts for me; Melanie (the Emily Deschantal lookalike - she could always have a career on Bones if dancing falls through) Nick (the tapper who can quickstep like no other) Iveta (10 - count em 10 - World dance Championships)and Missy (sizzlin hot!)

Let's see if America agrees with yours truly, meow! this contest is too close to call!

Here's the site if you want to check 'em out!

Meowingly yours,


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