Monday, June 6, 2011

MEOW MONDAY! - Master gets an Agent

Wow, hope you all had a great weekend. Master's back is slowly getting better (Thank God - after all, she has to bend to get at our food) so that's a good thing. also, she received good mews over the weekend - she's signed with Josh Getzler of HSG Agency in New York to represent her future books! So, maybe that jungle gym is in our future after all!

I do so appreciate all the lovely comments on my interview with the gracious author Ashlyn Chase! We will be rerunning this interview, and also adding Part Deux when THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR DEBUTS AUGUST 1!

Next week, we have author Jeff Cohen on tap! So be sure to watch for that, as well as a rerun of my interview with JANET EVANOVICH when Smokin' Seventeen debuts June 21!

As for my birthday, it was all I expected andmore....catnip mice, a nice birdies, though. And Master keeps squirting me with the water bottle when I start to paw under the air conditioner. It made me compose a little song:

OOO Little birdie
Would love to get you between my jowls
OOOO Little birdie
Would love to play with you in mypaws

Guess I won't, little Birdie
Master keeps shooing me away
Guess I won't litle birdie
You're safe for another day.

Yeah, I know. Don't give up my day job.
Tomorrow: Rocco salues Adopt a Shelter Cat month!

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