Thursday, March 15, 2012



Firstoff, I  must do a "shout-out" (or would this be a meow-out???)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER, MAXX!  He is 4 today, and a great older brother. I cannot think of anyone I love to wrestle to the ground and sink my teeth into his neck more! And the guy jsut lies there and takes it, succumbing to my tuxedo superiority.....

In other news....

Our good friend ASHLYN CHASE 's novel, The Vampire Next Door is a finalist in the Award of Excellence contest given by the Colorado Romance Writers! If you have not picked up this book, I urge you to do so IMMEDIATELY!  As well as the other two books in the trilogy - they are funny, sexy and fantastic!

Trying my best to find a DARK SHADOWS trailer, and this is the best I came up with so far:

Watch ELLEN today for a preview of the trailer!

For those of you who loved the series, you might like the HUMAN'S YA paranormal romance/fantasy, DEMONS AND FIRE, whose main character is named Vicki Winters and the book definitely has pop culture/tie-in to the 60's gothic soap.

it is available in kindle, nook and paperback on Amazon and B & N:

The HUMAN's co-worker, Jeff Taormina, did the fab cover!

OKay, kitties...don't forget our Salute to Spring kicks off next week with....CHARLAINE HARRIS in my hotseat!



  1. I wish I could send Maxx a nice codfish cake, but Oranges, (his look-alike), and Bella send their best wishes for many good years to come. Oranges is 4,about-to-be 5, and just had oral surgery.He went through a lot but has been an angel and is about all healed.(He takes his pills very well!)
    We hope that all of you have a wonderful celebration today...sounds like a litlle work for the Human, but I bet she is happy and proud...
    Head-butt to all!

  2. Love Ashlyn Chase's series. My fav was the Werewolf Next Door. Loved all the books and the characters. Very funny. Can't wait for the follow-up series with Konrad's brother. Love this blog. Happy bday to Maxx, he is a beautiful cat.
    It would be a meow-off, not a shout out.