Thursday, March 8, 2012

THE HUMAN makes Paromantasy's top 25!


It appears I must announce that the Human's Urban Fantasy, RAVEN'S KISS, has been included in Paromantasy's listing of BEST ROMANCE/UF BOOKS of 2011! along with other such notable authors as Stacy Kennedy, Rose Pressey, Felicity Heaton, Camilla Chafer,HP Mallory, Traci Slatten and more!

Here's the link if you are so inclined:

You can also check out the sidebar - and also check our the novella sequel, RAVEN'S QUEST! (Review coming soon from Paromantasy!)

We will be adding a new feature to the blog - interviews with fictional characters! IN some instances the character will be voiced by the creator, and in others it will be fan fiction, strictly out of the fertile imagination of yours truly, ROCCO THE SCI FI BLOGGING CAT!  So look for interviews with characters such as Queen Betsy Taylor, Sarah Dearly, Richard Castle, and others!

I've just finished up typing my first novel - hard work!  So I do believe my tired paws are entitled to a break :)

Do continue to visit and enjoy our Q&A with Margarita Felices (Prior Post) and next week we shall catch up on news on Dark Shadows, Nathan Fillion, Kids Need to Read, and assorted other topics.

On deck to help us welcome Spring: A Q&A with CHARLAINE HARRIS! Coming March 20!

And more to come....

Have a great weekend


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  1. Congrats to your Human!
    I am glad all are doing well.Oranges the Cat needed mouth surgery today; he is recovering but very glad to be home. My granddaughters are hijacking the computer,(which just gotback from the shop, AGAIN), but I will try to be back ASAP.
    Take care!