Wednesday, April 6, 2011


MEOW! I thought, since Master is a writer, and I, of course, am a premier blogger, I should do some sort of post on writing. (Also, I promised Master) but what sort of post? I have no degree, and hardly feel qualified to school young writers in the what to write about?

And then the answer came to me...Dark Shadows, what else?????

As any dyed in the wool DS fan knows, Kathryn Leigh Scott has managed her own publishing company, Pomegranate Press, for years.
The company publishes non fiction books on the entertainment industry, most notably DARK SHADOWS. So if you're a DS newbie or a fan who needs a fix, check the site out! they have MANY books on the subject!

Other DS stars have ventured into the world of literature, becoming novelists: Lara Parker, who portrayed the witch Angelique published a novel based on Dark Shadows in 1998, called Angelique's Descent. Its sequel, Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch, came out in July 2006. She has recently reprised the role of Angelique for a new series of Dark Shadows audio dramas, and is the reader for the audiobook recording of Angelique's Descent.

David Selby, for years the heartthrob Quentin Collins on DS, is also an author. His writing includes the plays Lincoln and James and Final Assault as well as the poetry collections My Mother's Autumn and Happenstance. His novels are Lincoln's Better Angel and The Blue Door. My Better Place combines memoir and social commentary to discuss Selby's West Virginia upbringing. In 2010, Selby published My Shadowed Past, chronicling what it was like to work on Dark Shadows during the turbulent late 1960s and early 1970s. for more info on David and his books, you can visit his website:, the site of the DARK SHADOWS JOURNAL, offers many of the above actors books for sale, in addition to a series of audio dramas about Dark Shadows voiced my many of the actors. It's also a good place to go to check out the latest news on the DArk Shadows movie starring Johnny Depp!

Speaking of which, Eva Green, the new Angelique, revealed in a recent interview the movie is "sort of a dark comedy". HMMMM....not too comedic, we hope. After all, part of DS's charm was that it was campy and ahead of its time - and all the actors played it like it was Shakespearean drama!

So, if you're a DS fan and like to read, you should check some of these people out!

and now I must think about what I will post tomorrow....


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