Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My week long tribute to "SCREAM" continues with...

My Top FIVE Scary Movie moments!

Ready...grab your GHOSTFACE and here we go....

#5 - A young girl stands in the shower stall - through the misty curtain we see the bathroom door open, and a figure slowly approach, and then......Janet Leigh turns and gives us the best scream of her life in the shower scene from PSYCHO! (1960)

#4 - There are actually several in this movie - one when the little boy is riding up and down the corridor on his tricycle and sees twin girls changing "REDRUM" - another when Torrance is making out with the sexy woman in the bathtub and sees she's actually a corpse in the mirror - then again when he's chopping down the bedroom door with an axe and sticking his head in the opening "Wendy - I'm home" - yes, it's Jack NIcholson in the original THE SHINING - 1981

#3 - Jimmy Caan as an injured writer held captive by a crazed fan, finds out the true meaning of "hobbling" in MISERY - Kathy Bates Academy Award Winning performance!

#2 - Phantasm - the first appearance of "The Tall Man" Can you say "BOY"

and #1 - Halloween (1978) had so many it's impossible to list them all, startng with the absolutely perfect music. If you've never seen it (and Rocco finds that hard to beleive) GO...RENT...NOW.

I shall not be posting this Friday, as I intend to go camp outside my local theatre and await the opening of SCREAM 4, so my weeklong salute will conclude tomorrow with a bit about .....SCREAM 4! Appropriate, no??????

What you can look forward to next week:
An announcement regarding Kids Need to Read
Interviews with my cover artists:
Kimberly Killion (Raven's Kiss) and Jeff Taormina (My Superhero Sister)
More Dark Shadows/Browncoat news
Oh, yeah...and my master will be doing a guest post on her new book on HP Mallory's blog!

Yours in Horror,


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