Monday, April 25, 2011

End of the Month Blues and ROCCO makes the big time!


I always get a little pensive toward the end of the month, thinking of all the goals I've set for myself that I haven't met yet :) but, of course, being the catly person that I am, I plug onward and upward.

Who caught Kirstie Alley's appearance on QVC this weekend, plugging her health food line? She danced a bit with David Venable - who knows, this Cheer Chick might go all the way! We shall have to see (although my faves are still Ralph, Hines and Chelsea - sorry, Kirstie)

I'm gearing up for the month of May, which will be HUGE! Not only do we have our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ, but we will have an interview with a VERY FAMOUS author in May - ma-row! I'm starting to feel a bit like a feline Barbara Walters!

Speaking of said famous author, check out this link:

Yes, that is my handsome self on JANET EVANOVICH'S WEBSITE! Look for my interview with Janet in May. She talks (albeit very briefly) her new Stephanie Plum book and the upcoming movie ONE FOR THE MONEY, with Katherine Heigl.

Master is in a grouchy mood - had writer's block over the weekend and could not figure out how to begin her new novel. Heck, I have writer's block every day when i sit down, paws to keyboard. I tell her, "nose to the grindstone, babe."

some people just do not appreciate the sage wisdom of cats.

No new Castle tonight! Rats! I'm still trying to figure out who gets killed off in the season finale....

Until tomorrow,


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