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Master has a Guest Post over at HP Mallory's Blog...and we interview cover artist Jeff Taormina

Happy Monday! Do check out author HP Mallory's blog Master has a guest post, talking about her new book, RAVEN'S KISS! and other things, like our May Fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ! (MORE ON THAT TOMORROW!) You can find it here: or, just cruise over to my sidebar! HP Mallory's blog is listed there :) Today we have an interview with Jeff Taormina, a talented artist and co-worker of my master's who did the cover art for MY SUPERHERO SISTER. There is also a very nice review of MY SUPERHERO SISTER over at Glows novel addiction here: Watch for an interview with cover artist Kimberly Killion later this week! Now, here's Jeff :)

RL: Tell us how you became interested in the field of graphic art?

JT: Way back in middle school I would draw a lot of Star Wars stuff. That was golden back then. Star Wars, KISS I think all the kids back then were drawing. There was no Play Station! LOL

RL: What is the most rewarding feature of drawing?

JT: I get a reward while drawing. It puts my mind at ease. I can feel myself relax.I have been doing a bunch of drawings to help a friend raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and to find a cure. So like they say “When you do good you feel good”
Also seeing my art for the first time on the cover of Toni’s book on Amazon was cool!

RL: Do you have a favorite drawing out of all of yours? Which one and why?

JT: The one I’m working on at the time. I have to get fully into the drawing or I don’t feel it and if I don’t feel it I think it shows.
The new piece I am doing now Is called “SOMEDAY” and it’s three little kids in hero costumes dreaming about being Superheroes. Cute huh?

RL What superhero would you rather draw?

JT: Batman hands down and anyone who knows me knew that was coming! LOL

RL: What inspires you in your art?

JT: As I said before, I have feel it and if I don’t feel it I think it shows. I tend to sit in front of a blank sheet with my comics and reference photos and I wait for a moment to see what I feel like working on. It usually jumps out at me pretty quick. Then there are the times when I get an Idea in my head and I “Gotta get it out on paper”
The new piece I am doing now, “SOMEDAY” was like that.

RL: What is one thing people would be most surprised to know about you?

JT: Well I was a Heavy Metal musician 10 years ago, I’m an Assistant Fire Chief I’m not sure I think I’m all over the map and most people know it already. LOL

RL: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

JT: How much time you got? LOL Back when I was in my 20’s I was in a Metal Rock band Think KISS meets Van Halen with Alice Copper in there. Well in our show we used a prop straight jacket. It was made to come off easy. So the day after a show we are at the hotel packing up and loading in and a bunch of “Atlantic City” seniors (It’s a Jersey thing) are checking in. My Bassist and few of the crew dare me to so…. I put on the straight jacket and run down the halls bouncing of the walls and yelling “They’ll never get me!!”

RL: Who are some of your favorite artists/covers?

JT: I’m big into Batman and the JLA.

RL: If someone could describe you in one word, what would it be?

JT: Hmmmm Like I said I’m all over the map so I don’t know if one word does it?
I have been called Stoic in the past.

RL: And now, just for the fun of it?

Cat or Dog person? Both (heh heh how diplomatic, considering a cat is interviewing you LOL )

Fantasy or Horror? Depends on the Fantasy! LOL more Superhero!

Day or Night? Day, I love hanging in the sun on my patio!

Favorite Drink? Coffee Black the darker the better!

Favorite Movie? The new Batman movies and The Road Warrior movies!

Favorite Saying? “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Favorite comic? Any of the Bat books and today there are a lot of them!

RL: do you have a website? Or a place where people can learn more about you and your art?

JT: It’s more like a hobby but I have been doing drawings for people by word of mouth. Just to cover my supplies. I do have a deviant art site:

Thank you so much, Jeff! We look forward to you designing more covers for my master’s YA books!
And so do I!


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