Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Master has received some wonderful feedback on the cover of her latest novel, RAVEN'S KISS (SEE SIDEBAR) so I decided to interview the lady behind the cover, so to speak...artist/author Kimberly Killion!

Not only does she design outtasite covers at her website:

She's also an author! Kimberly writes spicy medieval and historical romances which you can find on her other site:

She is truly a lady of many talents, and one I knew I had to interview, so without any further's Kim!

RL: Meow. Welcome, Kim! Love your work! Both covers are fabulous!
KK: Meow back, Rocco. Thanks for having me :)

RL: Tell us how you became interested in the field of graphic art?
KK: Ever since I was little I’ve also been artistic. I also sent my aunties hand-drawn birthday cards back in the day. When I went to college, I know I wanted to continue along that path, so I majored in graphic arts and I’ve been working as a designer ever since.

RL: What is the most rewarding feature of your job?
KK: Well, acting as the Art Director of Hot Damn Designs, I now direct photoshoots. There’s nothing better than spending a day at the office surrounding by beefcakes. *g*

RL: Do you have a favorite cover out of all of your designs? Which one and why?
KK: I’m partial to a few, Kristen Painter’s DARK KISS OF THE REAPER is one of my favorites, but I also love Megan Hatfield’s CLAIMING THE DRAGON and the entire Ashley Garner series, oh, and Mary Jo Putney’s series, and I do love DARK COVENANT by Gillian Doyle. Oh…who am I kidding? I can’t name a favorite. I love them all. They are my little babies.

RL: What would you rather design for, paranormal, fantasy or contemporary?
KK: None of the above. LOL My favorite covers to design are Regency and braw Highlanders. I’m partial to those because that’s the genre I write in as well.

RL: What inspires you in your art?
KK: One word: Skin

RL: What is one thing people would be most surprised to know about you?
KK: I’m bold, outspoken, naughty, yet I’ve been known to blush on set (but few see that as I hide it well *g*)

RL: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
KK: In regards to the biz, I would have to say agreeing to photograph two 10 foot pythons and a tarantula.
RL: (cat frown) No big cats? NO tigers, lions, panthers?
KK: Sorry, not so far :)

RL: If someone could describe you in one word, what would it be?
KK: Insane! I once asked a close friend of many years why he continued to support me. His response “Because you are insane yet one step away from genius.” I still don’t know if that was a compliment. *g*

RL: And now, just for the fun of it?

Cat or Dog person? Cat (Aha, good answer!)
Fantasy or Horror? Fantasy
Day or Night? Day
Favorite Drink? Whiskey and Diet Coke
Favorite Movie? Legends of the Fall
Favorite Saying? I am the Queen of Everything

RL: Thank you for allowing me to interview, you, Kim! You are one talented lady!
KK: Thank you, Rocco.

RL: So, how can fans find you on the web? Do you have a website?
KK: Yup, a bunch:

Stock images:

RL: Thank you so much, Kim! We look forward to your cover design for my master’s new book as well as many more! and to your new release, HIS MAGICK TOUCH, available on Amazon as well!
KK: Purr, Rocco. Thank you!

So, kids, check out this talented lady's art and her books - and my Master's too!

Tomorrow: Browncoat and Dark Shadows news, I plead for my own Browncoat, and some other stuff!

Purringly yours,


  1. What a wonderful interview you did Rocco!
    Kim I am a big fan of your book cover they are always eyecatching!

  2. Oh I want to come back and read this! I just surfed by before work to say Long time no hi, Rocco.

  3. Great interview! You know cats are so savvy. Don't tell them otherwise!

    Kim, I adore you honey. You rock. I can't wait to meet you at RWA.