Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paying it Forward - Kids Need To Read - May Fundraiser and "Geek Prom"

Anyone who knows me knows that whilst I might have a gruff exterior, deep down I'm a big furry marshmellow...especially where animals and kids are concerned. That is why I've dug my paws into the charity, KIDS NEED TO READ.

Master is an author and, I, of course, am a premier blogger...so we both know the importance of learning to read! Kids Need to Read is an Arizona based charity that provides books to children in underpriviliged areas, whose families can't afford books, etc.

To show our support of this charity, I meowed and pleaded (although I confess it did not take too much) and Master Toni has generously agreed to donate all the proceeds of her teen/tween e-book, MY SUPERHERO SISTER, sold during the month of May, as well as a portion of the proceeds of her adult paranormal romances, NO REST FOR THE WICCA and RAVEN'S KISS TO KIDS NEED TO READ!

WHY MAY, YOU SAY????? (hey, that rhymes :)

Because in May, Kids Need to Read holds the Kids Need to Read Geek Prom at Phoenix Comicon. It is a very big deal for them and so much fun! Here is their info page:


We thought it would be cool to be able to send them a nice donation in conjunction with this fun event!


During the month of May, I'll be my charming, nagging self once a week. There will be posts and links to the books and maybe even a contest!

Just warning y'all....I can be a VERY persuasive cat!

Plus, it's for charity!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! (And it's Nathan Fillion's charity (Castle, Firefly). C'mon, who doesn't love Nathan Fillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if we do really well, perhaps Master will finally give in and get me a Browncoat.....

Tomorrow: My interview with Master's RAVEN'S KISS cover artist, Kimberly Killion!

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