Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool site for Science Fiction Lovers!

I surfed the internet yesterday whilst my master was at the eye doctor, and came up with this cool site:

It's a Canadian based site and they have lots of cool stuff: Book reviews, latest news, podcasts, etc. Some of the books on their home page caught my eye:

(This is taken directly from their site)
John Dies at the End by David Wong: Those who like to delve into the realms of the unreal and offbeat, this is a really good one. What other cover has a severed hand on it wearing green nail varnish? This is as good an indication as any that what's inside is a fun read. It is an unusual novel that has several influences from some of the most notable horror fiction writers around, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and dare one say, Douglas Adams.

that was under first novels and I must say, piqued my interest! they also mention favorites such as the Kitty Norville series (Kitty Takes A Holiday). There is also a discussion board and much more!

Rocco, the SciFi Blogging Cat, highly recommends! Check it out!

Also checked out the Firefly site. Looks as if they have met thier donation goal for March - and you can also support the cause (if you're a Firefly or NATHAN FILLION FAN) by buying DVD's of Firefly, Serenity and CASTLE at their Amazon store. Check it out at

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