Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interesting Paranormal Authors You Should Try!

Firstoff, a big meow shout out to those of you who went out and bought KISS ME KILL ME- my master informs me it's going gangbusters at Amazon and B&N, so thanks for that (when my master is in a good mood, she plays with me and my ballie and gives out extra treats!)

The DS post will air tomorrow and I wanted to introduce you to a fabulous YA author, Amanda Hocking. Amanda is an "indie" (meaning she's not traditionally published) but she writes wonderful YA stories and has been on many bestselling lists. Her blog is very informative, and you can visit it here:

You should also check out some of her books becasue they are WAAAY Cool!

My master also discovered another paranormal series she really enjoys: it's put out by Sourcebooks and the author is Ashlyn Chase. My master is currently reading #1 in the series, STRANGE NEIGHBORS. it's about a building whose inhabitants are all on the supernatural side (remember Rosemary's Baby? And The Sentinel?) and it's also a SEXY romance! How can you beat that combo? You can check it out here:

Forthcoming titles in this series include: The Werewolf Upstairs and The Vampire Next Door!

Thought these might put you in the mood for what is to come.....(cue spooky Dark Shadows music)


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