Monday, March 28, 2011

Maniac Monday! (or ROCCO wants his own Browncoat)

Mondays are always rough around here - Master has to get up super early and get to work, and I have to dig out the notes I made over the weekend and see what I'll be blogging about this week. I wanted to kill off Maniac Monday with a brief note to all you science fiction fans out there. If you havent' checked out this site: please do so! Not only does it keep you updated on Firefly and progress on getting the series revived, it also hones in on other SF news as well (like the first picture of the new Wonder Woman - blue tights, can you believe it!!!!!) So if I were you, I'd mark it as a favorite. I did :)

also - I'm on a campaign to get my very own Browncoat! I'm serious - I think I would look WAAAAY cool in one. (And just imagine me all duded up when I hand over my $31 million check to Nathan Fillion to revive the series!) It's my dream...that and catching a plump mouse. I can't decide which excites me more, I have to convince my master I'm worthy of getting a BROWNCOAT. She doesn't seem to get how important this is to me. Mumbled somethign about "Yeah yeah, and try and get you into one." Hey, dudes! I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Or maybe sleep on it. But it would definitely be my most cherished possession. Right next to my jingle ballies. And i wouldnt' lose it as easy as I lose them.

So, what do you say? Help me convince my master to get me my very own Browncoat! Post comments on this blog all this week! My master will pick the most interesting one and send a coupon for a free copy of either NO REST FOR THE WICCA or MY SUPERHERO SISTER. (BUT WILL SHE GET ME MY OWN BROWNCOAT??????) I guess we'll have to see, wont' we?



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