Friday, March 25, 2011


As promised, Friday's are devoted to hunks - last week was Nathan Fillion. Next up:

British born Laurie is the son of an Olympic gold medalist - he was educated in England, and got intersted in acting while in college. He's known for his perfect American accent (Fun fact: Bryan Singer dind't realize he wasn't American until AFTER he'd signed him for HOUSE) Laurie has done many voice overs and appeared in many films, tv and movie, but fame eluded him until he took on the mantle of the crotchety MD, Gregory House. He's had many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and two wins! but the Emmy still eludes him (C'mon folks - he should get it for the accent alone!)
Unlike his character, Laurie is married with three children - but like his character, he plays the piano and has a love of motorcycles! Laurie's spot on protrayal is what has made this Fox-based show a hit for 7 years!
Little known fact: he was up for the role of Perry White in Superman Returns, but had to decline due to House's schedule. The role went to Frank Langella!
Some HOUSE-isms:
"There's no I in team. There is however a me if you jumble it up."
I dont' ask why my patients lie - I jsut assume they all do
Tests take time. Treatment's quicker
If he gets better, I'm right. If he dies, you're right
And my personal favorite:
Have a good weekend!
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