Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We should be DANCIN' Yeah!

Toni here:

Well, Rocco is still being punished....he tried to get his paw under the a/c yesterday - but then he curled up in my lap to watch tv so.....he might be back tomorrow.

Today, let's talk about my favorite TV show - yes, I admit it. I'm a Dancing with the Stars junkie. I'm not big into reality tv, and I'm definitely NOT into American Idol, but I LOVE DANCING.

Frankly, I didnt expect much last night. I mean face it - this season could well have been called DANCING WITH THE STARLESS. I mean, the biggest names on there were Sugar Ray and Kirstie Alley. But I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the stars were good - really good - and Ralph Maccio lived up to the earlier hype and blew the competition away (much like Jennifer Gray did last season). there were a few surprises - I mean, who knew Kristie Alley could dance? I mean, really dance! John Travolta must have taught her a thing or two on all those "talkin" movies, becasue she had the moves! She could actually give Ralph a run for his money. There are a few who could give Ralph competition, actually. Kendra looked good. So did Chelsea. And the judges were in rare form - Bruno especially! I'm waiting for Len to change seats with Carrie Ann :)

Rocco seemed especially entranced by the dancing. I suppose now I'll see him practicing his "moves" around the house. (Just as long as I dont' trip over you, Rocco. You're in enough trouble as it is).

All in all, Dancing was worth staying up for. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. The last few seasons have been so predictable...I'd really like to see a tight competition for a change.
How do the rest of you feel?

OK, got to get to my job now. Rocco will most likely be back tomorrow. I'm getting the "hairy eyeball" so I will hope he's learned his lesson :)

Mom to Rocco, Maxx, Trixie and Gata

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  1. I was also surprised by Kirstie and Ralph was the best!