Friday, March 18, 2011

Hubba Hubba Hunka Friday - NATHAN FILLION

So, I decided for all my female fans (feline and otherwise) I'd devote Fridays to Hubba Hubba Hunks - hunky guys they jsut can't get enough of. First up was easy - Castle's NATHAN FILLION.

There's an excellent article on him in the March 25 issue of Entertainment Weekly, with a super picture of him in a green t-shirt and jeans on the cover. Is it any wonder he kicks off Hubba Hubba Hunks?????? Fillion's become best known for his portrayal of Richard Castle, mystery writer turned detective (with a giant sized crush on his attractive female partner, Stana Katic) but he's had lots of other roles too:

  • Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly 2002-2003, Serenity, 2005

  • Caleb, the psycho priest, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2003

  • Kevin, LOST, 2006

  • Dr. Adam Mayfair, Desperate Housewives, 2007-2008

  • Joey Buchanan, One Life to LIve, 1994-1997

Fillion is beloved by hoards of Sci-Fi fans for his portrayal of Captain Mal on the now defunct Firefly series. He reprised the role in a 2005 film, SERENITY, but it failed to revive the series (as creator Joss Whedon of Buffy fame had hoped). In the article, Fillion stated that he loved doing Firefly and, were he to win the lottery, would buy the rights from Fox and produce a revival. (and I, Rocco the Sci-Fi Blogging Cat, have promised that if i win at least 31 million in a lottery of any size, shape, or form, to contact Mr. Fillion and invest and co-produce) He was touched by the fans starting up a webpage in a "bring back Firefly" campaign, but also mentioned that he didn't want people sending in money for it, although he was touched by the gesture (waht a nice guy - imagine that - hunky and nice!)

the whole tone of the article, which Fillion fans will enjoy, is that Fillion is basically NICE. He loves acting, feels he's been very fortunate with the roles he's gotten in life, and he's just...nice! WHO SAYS NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!!!!!

As for upcoming projects, Fillion will appear as "the Holy Avenger" in the upcoming film, SUPER. Release date April 8.

On his Castle character and his "romance" with Beckett: While Stana Katic feels it would be great to explore getting those two together and see what bumps they could throw into a relationship, Fillion feels that "jumping the shark" would be a bad idea. Quote: "When you get people together, they stop with the yearning." Rocco has to agree! Look what happened to Maddie and Dave, Amanda and Lee, Jeannie and Captain Nelson!

Moral of the day: Romantic angst is best!

And Nathan Fillion is tops! Go buy Entertainment Weekly and read the article! It delivers!

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  1. ! Have I been living under a rock!? I don't know any of these guys!

  2. Ma-row! I didn't either, until my Master started watching CASTLE. then i recognized him from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.